The Difficult Second Album


A new collection of magic from Peter McLanachan

Whatever Number Mentioned
A devious version of the Card At Any Number problem primarily designed to fool your magician friends.

Al-Together Now
A handling of the Any Card At Any Number problem that can be done with a borrowed deck.

Ardroil Reset
A visit to Paul Harris’s “Reset” plot that allows you to show both packets cleanly at the end.

Upstanding Collectors
A walkaround version of Roy Walton’s classic “Collectors”

Hebridean Sandwich
A double sandwich routine which ends with a kicker finish.

Selected Vanish
Three selections, cards to pockets and a deck vanish all rolled into one routine.

Come Join The Gang
A multiple selection routine.

A Top Change
A personalised handling of the Top Change with ideas from Hofzinser, Larry Jennings and David Williamson.

“…if you like card magic, you’ll love these notes!”
Iain Moran, The Cullfather

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