A Force Much Greater Than Luck


My first set of lecture notes contains 11 items, including a Roy Walton
gem that was unpublished at the time these notes were produced.

Hofzinser 2001
Take the Hofzinser 4 Ace Problem, subtract the deck and let’s see what we get.

Route 9
A second visit to the plot of the Hofzinser 4 Ace Problem but this time with twists, turns and a couple of vanishes along the way.

Transporter Aces
A visit to a plot of Marlo’s which is still very fertile – an Ace Assembly involving the 4 aces (naturally) and just 9 ‘indifferent’ cards.

Queen Piece
A 3-phase routine in which 2 queens find a selected card in an increasingly impossible manner. The last phase ends in the spectator’s hands.

Signature Transferal
The perfect routine when performing for a couple. One card is signed on the face, a second on the back and both cards lost in the deck. First, the cards find each other then one of the signatures moves so that both signatures are on one card.

A Total Delusion
A card is peeked at and after a couple of cuts 3 ‘indicator’ cards are shown however, all 3 are shown to be the same card – the selection. The selection is then found elsewhere in the deck and the 3 ‘indicator’ cards are the selection’s other 3 mates.

Solid Rock Production
A topsy-turvy shuffled deck, a few cuts and the 4 queens find their way out of the deck. Oh, and did I tell you the deck rights itself in the process?

Can’t See – Won’t Think
A visit to Vernon’s classic “Out Of Sight – Out Of Mind” but with a little difference – the spectator spells to their thought-of card!

The F.E.P.O. Bottom Deal
A Bottom Deal that should only be used For Entertainment Purposes Only.

The Traveller Vanishes
Another visit to the fertile plots of Vernon. This time to “The Travellers”. Four signed aces vanish from the deck only to re-appear in 4 separate pockets. And the deck vanishes!

Essential Magic by Roy Walton
A miracle from Roy Walton. A named card appears to vanish from the deck, only to reappear in the most impossible of manners. Typical Walton genius.

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