The Lecture

A Force Much Greater Than Luck” is a lecture on card magic which takes magicians step-by-step through card effects ranging from easy to intermediate skill levels.

The lecture also has a workshop feel to it. Magicians, both those who specialise in card magic and those who do not, can follow along and learn the moves as we go along. Also, I welcome questions about specific techniques they may want to learn. Is anyone having difficulty with their double lifts? What about controlling a selected card? Whatever card technique they are interested in, I can help them improve their skills.

In recent times, I have been fortunate to be able to present my lecture to various clubs, societies and organisations around the United KingdomGermany and the United States, including The Magic Circle in London, as well as at the Irish IBM (Ring 85)Scottish Association of Magical Societies and Northern Magic Circle Conventions. I have also been fortunate to be able to perform at various Conventions, including the International Magic Convention in London and the exclusive, invitation-only FFFF Convention in Batavia, New York.​

So, why should you book a relatively unknown Scottish cardman to lecture for your club? I like to think that I have some interesting ideas and effects that your members might enjoy working on. Amongst other things during the lecture, I teach:-

  • a handling of Roy Walton’s Collectors that can be done in walkaround situations;
  • a very effective deck vanish, along with a couple of ways to present it;
  • how to cause a spectator’s signature to move from one card to another; and
  • a previously unpublished effect by Roy Walton that you will be using right after the lecture.

Other people seem to have enjoyed the lecture and were interested in what I had to say during it. This is what others have said about my lecture…

“Peter is knowledgeable, skilful, creative and, most importantly, respectful of those in whose footsteps he follows. I enjoyed it a lot.”
Walt Lees
Abracadabra Magazine 3197, 5 May 2007

“Peter’s lecture was enjoyed by all the members, cardicians and card haters alike. What made his lecture special was that he took the time to teach us sleights that we individually wanted to learn. Peter’s lecture is not only about cards but also about the power of practise to create stunning magic.”
Stuart Chalmers
Past President of Forth Valley Magic Circle, Scotland

​“…one of Scotland’s best kept secrets”
Geoff Williams

“Love the stuff, especially the vanishing deck(s)”
Pit Hartling

“A good guy and a great cardman. Be prepared for a few surprises…”
R. Paul Wilson

​If you would like more information about my lecture, or how to book it for your Society or Convention, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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